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RMOL::BasedForecasting Class Reference

#include <rmol/command/BasedForecasting.hpp>

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Static Public Member Functions

static bool forecast (stdair::SegmentCabin &, const stdair::Date_T &, const stdair::DTD_T &, const stdair::UnconstrainingMethod &, const stdair::NbOfSegments_T &)
static void prepareHistoricalBooking (const stdair::SegmentCabin &, const stdair::BookingClass &, const stdair::SegmentSnapshotTable &, HistoricalBookingHolder &, const stdair::DCP_T &, const stdair::DCP_T &, const stdair::NbOfSegments_T &, const stdair::NbOfSegments_T &)

Detailed Description

Class wrapping the forecasting algorithms.

Definition at line 21 of file BasedForecasting.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool RMOL::BasedForecasting::forecast ( stdair::SegmentCabin &  ioSegmentCabin,
const stdair::Date_T &  iCurrentDate,
const stdair::DTD_T &  iCurrentDTD,
const stdair::UnconstrainingMethod &  iUnconstrainingMethod,
const stdair::NbOfSegments_T &  iNbOfDepartedSegments 

Forecast demand for a segment cabin. Compute for the current DTD the mean and the standard deviation of unconstrained bookings of similar flights.

stdair::SegmentCabin&Current Segment Cabin
conststdair::Date_T& Current Date
conststdair::DTD_T& Current DTD
conststdair::UnconstrainingMethod& Method used for the unconstraining
conststdair::NbOfSegments_T& Number of usable historical segments

Definition at line 31 of file BasedForecasting.cpp.

References RMOL::Utilities::computeDistributionParameters(), RMOL::HistoricalBookingHolder::getNbOfFlights(), RMOL::SegmentSnapshotTableHelper::getNbOfSegmentAlreadyPassedThisDTD(), RMOL::HistoricalBookingHolder::getUnconstrainedDemand(), prepareHistoricalBooking(), and RMOL::Detruncator::unconstrain().

void RMOL::BasedForecasting::prepareHistoricalBooking ( const stdair::SegmentCabin &  iSegmentCabin,
const stdair::BookingClass &  iBookingClass,
const stdair::SegmentSnapshotTable &  iSegmentSnapshotTable,
HistoricalBookingHolder ioHBHolder,
const stdair::DCP_T &  iDCPBegin,
const stdair::DCP_T &  iDCPEnd,
const stdair::NbOfSegments_T &  iSegmentBegin,
const stdair::NbOfSegments_T &  iSegmentEnd 

Prepare the historical booking figures for a given cabin

conststdair::DCP_T& DCP range start
conststdair::DCP_T& DCP range end
conststdair::NbOfSegments_T& Segment range start index
conststdair::NbOfSegments_T& Segment range end index

Definition at line 121 of file BasedForecasting.cpp.

References RMOL::HistoricalBookingHolder::addHistoricalBooking().

Referenced by forecast().

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